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Hi Muddyb Blast Producer, welcome on the wolof Wikipédia. I wrote you in english as you seem not to speak the wolof language. Anyway, help is needed on this wiki for many things that don't required wolof skills, for example maintenance (fight against vandalism), creating templates (infobox, box), interwiki, categorization, attracting other people, improving presentation, creating new articles, etc.

For any questions, don't hesitate, ask me. Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 5 Disembar 2008 à 09:34 (UTC)[répondre]

I have more than 2000 edits here. It's a mistake to believe that if you don't speak the language you cannot help, there's actually so many things to do that don't require wolof skills. For example you can help us creating templates like for example those at Catégorie:Royuwaay raaya réew or Infobox. For the translation you can ask someone in this page. In that page you can post every request you have: click on yokk ab bataaxal for adding messages. As i wrote in the first message, you can also fight against vandalism, make interwiki, categorization, etc. For example i just created category:Tansani. I can do it pretty well here and i believe that other people can do it as good as i do or even better :) Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 11 Disembar 2008 à 09:49 (UTC)[répondre]
Is Sapoŋ better now? We are a very very small wiki here, less than 1000 articles and less than 10 activ contributors with 3-4 wolof speakers among them. So we try to attract them by launching stubs (they don't have to find how to create it) and by taking care about technical things to make them comfortable. Consider we need help for everything, for Sapoŋ i add infobox, categories, interwiki, link to Commons, few pictures and few information, but this is already a lot and we could to it for each country here. Note : the infobox {{Infobóóx Rée}} could be improved. Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 12 Disembar 2008 à 10:15 (UTC)[répondre]