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Jóge Wikipedia.

Hi Beria, welcome on the wolof Wikipédia. I wrote you in english as you seem not to speak the wolof language. Anyway, help is needed on this wiki for many things that don't required wolof skills, for example maintenance (fight against vandalism), creating templates (infobox, box), interwiki, categorization, attracting other people, improving presentation, creating new articles, etc.

For any questions, don't hesitate, ask me. Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 5 Disembar 2008 à 09:34 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]

You can help us creating templates like for example those at Catégorie:Royuwaay raaya réew or Infobox. For the translation you can ask someone in this page. In that page you can post every request you have: click on yokk ab bataaxal for adding messages. --Ibou + Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 9 Disembar 2008 à 12:10 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]

Bataaxalu dalal-jàmm[soppi gongikuwaay bi]

Dalal-jàmm / Bienvenue / Welcome , Beria !

(wo) Bataaxalu dalal-jàmm : dila nuyu Beria te dila dalal ci Wikipedia. Dila gërëm ci say cëru ci bii jimbulang. Su dee dangay làkk wolof, soxla nañu la lool ngir bind walla soppi ay jukki.; walla it, sag ndimbal ci wàllu xarala. Su fekke it dangaa soxla ndimbal walla dangaa ami laaj, saytul xët wii Ndimbal, man nga maa bind ci sama xëtu waxtaanuwaay, walla nga bind sa laaj ci Wikipedia:Pénc, ci xëtu waxtaanuwaay yi, dee fa xaatim say bataaxal, deel cuq ci walla ngay bind ~~~~ ngir xaatim: dina tax, sa turu jëfandikukat ak taariix bi, feeñ ci sa wetu bataaxal. Liggéeyal ak jàmm!

(fr) Message de bienvenue : Salut Beria et bienvenue sur Wikipédia. Merci pour tes contributions sur cette encyclopédie libre. Si tu parles la langue wolof, nous avons extrêment besoin de toi pour éditer les articles; sinon, nous avons toujours besoin de ton aide pour l'assistance technique. Si tu as toi-même besoin d'aide ou si tu as des questions, consulte Ndimbal, demande-moi sur ma page de discussion, ou pose ta requête sur Wikipedia:Pénc. Sur les pages de discussion, signe tes messages en cliquant sur ou en écrivant ~~~~ : ceci fera afficher automatiquent ton nom utilisateur et la date. Bonne continuation!

(en) Welcome message: Hello Beria and welcome to Wikipedia. Thank you for your contributions to this free encyclopedia. If you speak the wolof language, we highly need you to edit articles; if you don't, we always need your help for technical support. If you need help or for any question, check out Ndimbal, ask me on my talk page, or ask your question on Wikipedia:Pénc. Please remember to sign your name on talk pages by clicking or using four tildes (~~~~): this will automatically produce your username and the date. Happy editing!

Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 7 Awril 2009 à 13:39 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]