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N60-90, W150-180 N60-90, W120-150 N60-90, W90-120 N60-90, W60-90 N60-90, W30-60
N30-60, W150-180 N30-60, W120-150 N30-60, W90-120 N30-60, W60-90 N30-60, W30-60
N0-30, W120-150 N0-30, W90-120 N0-30, W60-90 N0-30, W30-60
S0-30, W60-90 S0-30, W30-60
S30-60, W60-90 S30-60, W30-60

Réewi[Soppisoppi gongikuwaay bi]

Map showing date of independence of country in the Americas. Black shows areas not yet independent.

Sukkandiku yi[Soppisoppi gongikuwaay bi]

Multinational organizations in the Americas[Soppisoppi gongikuwaay bi]