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Hello and sorry for writing in English. Can anyone help me translate a small article (2 paragraphs) from English to your language and create the article in your wiki? Please, fell free to answer in my talk page in your wiki anytime. Thanks! [[User:Xaris333|Xaris333]]<sup> ([[User talk:Xaris333|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 13 Ut 2014 à 00:25 (UTC)
== [[:en:Languages in censuses|Languages in censuses]] ==
Hello, Dear wikipedians. I invite you to edit and improve this article and to add information about your and other country.--[[User:Kaiyr|Kaiyr]]<sup> ([[User talk:Kaiyr|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 31 Oktoobar 2014 à 13:44 (UTC)


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