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:::: Peace! :) ...Without it we can't analyze your wiki :( So, we can wait or you can create a page with red link. Don't know how to do better... [[User:Lvova|Lvova]]<sup> ([[User talk:Lvova|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 18 Suwe 2010 à 16:57 (UTC)
::::: I am sorry, so we will create them slowly, because few people are active in this wiki, you can waite! peace! --[[User:Ibou|Ibou]]<sup> ([[User talk:Ibou|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 19 Suwe 2010 à 10:00 (UTC)
:::::: ok :) [[User:Lvova|Lvova]]<sup> ([[User talk:Lvova|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 20 Suwe 2010 à 08:23 (UTC)


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