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Wolof : Traduction/translation?
English : '''Bureaucrats''' are users who can give bots bot flags, turn users into admins, and rename users. See [[m:Bureaucrat]] for more information
Français : '''Bureaucrates''' sont des utilisateurs qui ont le pouvoir de délivrer le statut officiel de bot aux bots, le statut d'administrateur aux simples utilisateurs, et de renommer les comptes utilisateurs.
[[User:Guaka|Guaka]] has been the only administrator for a long time. It would be nice to give the bots the "bot status" so that they can be hidden from the [[Special:Recentchanges|recent changes]], so he is applying to become a bureaucrat on this Wikipedia. He will be very happy to give up being a bureaucrat (or even an administrator) when there will be a Wolof speaking community (and administrators) in the future.
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